Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's true!

I am 2 months old,and getting SO big! I am 13 lbs which means I am in the 63rd percentile for my weight and I am 24.5 inches long which puts me in the 93rd percentile for my height. I am one big boy! I seriously wont stop growing. I am getting so chubby too. My mom loves that I am chubby bc apparently my sister was so scrawny. I started sleeping through the night at 7 mom was so excited. But then, I must have hit a growth spurt because I no longer do that for her, I am back to every 3 hours! HAHA MOM, tricked ya! I am THE BEST baby though, I hardly cry, unless I have a legitimate reason to. Almost every single diaper my mom changes is poopy. I LOVE to poop. In fact, I poop up my whole back AT LEAST twice a day, no joke. My mom calls me "becky beck" and it bugs my dad. He does not like the "becky" part. He likes to call me Beck or the Beckster. As for Ivy, she is still callin me becky beck tootie. grrr! Anyway, that's a little bit about me at 2 months old:)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Beckham's blessing day

Sunday January 17th was our sweet little Beckham's blessing day. His daddy blessed him, and it was beautiful.He got to wear the same outfit that Johnny wore for his baby blessing...pretty special:) Thank you to all of our family and friends who participated in his special day. We are so grateful for this little guy and the joy that he brings our family everyday.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Duffin family pics!

the whole gang!
Still cannot believe we got this shot! And still looking for the culprit that put ivy's bow on the wrong side!!
So glad I caught these faces!!She was pretty proud that I let her hold her brother:)
Day after christmas we attemped some family pictures. Duffin family photoshoots= recipe for disaster! I am really suprised that we got a few keepers! Thanks Tiffany for coming last second and for dealing with our crazy fam:)You are awesome!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

december 09 in review..

my besties!
brighton and beckham..2 weeks apart:)

having a little too much fun taunting the ducks!

watching bowl games with daddy

um yes I was as tired as I LOOKED!

This holiday season FLEW by for us. The kids and I flew down to az a week before christmas so that johnny could focus on his finals, and so that I could have a little more help as I was making the transition with 2 kids. I was very anxious to get there so that I could start sleeping in..I was one TIRED mamma! Johnny came down after his finals...we were so happy to finally spend time together, and especially enjoy our little Beckham. We also enjoyed all of the christmas parties and all of the amazing food and company! Besides the fact that I got sick christmas eve, and christmas, we had a lovely time with all of our family in friends:) After christmas we drove over to california to spend time with the clark fam. We watched A Lot of football, played a lot of wii, ate a lot of food, and enjoyed the amazing weather! We loved all of our presents from both sides of our family...we got SPOILED for sure!!! I think I got THE WORST christmas pics EVER! Pretty sure I couldn't think straight at this point. We were definitely sad to leave all of our friends and family and head back to reality.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"becky-beck tootie"

"Becky-beck tootie is what sister Ivy calls her baby brother. I about died when she first started calling him that..but now it just makes me laugh! Now I am trying not to stress out about how much I have to catch up on. I have a gazillion pics that I want to post, but having a really hard time finding one spare second! I think it is safe to say that having 2 kids is a little bit harder than I thought it would be. I am LOVING it but definitely not getting the hang of things quite yet. So "little by little" is my life motto right now:) Beckham is 6 weeks old now and is HUGE! I m not kidding the kid gains a pound a week and changes every day. At his 2 weeks apt he weighed 8lbs 15 oz..gained almost 2 pounds from when we left the hospital, and was 22 inches long! Then 2 weeks later he weighed 11 lbs! He is definitely making his daddy proud:) He is just starting to flash his smiles at us, and let me tell you... he MELTS my HEART!!! He got his daddy's cutest dimples..they are to DIE for! I am completely obsessed with him to say the least. Johnny keeps asking me if I was obsessed with Ivy like I am with Beckham. HAHA! Of course I was:) These are just some random pics from Beckham's first couple weeks when he was still so sleepy.

In LOVE with this one!
I worked I worked hard for this shot!

fist time meeting brother