Friday, September 25, 2009

some recents...

Here are a couple random photoshoots that I have done in the past couple of months... Including Ivy's newest "fall photos." Tell me her owl cape isnt the cutest thing ever! Thanks mom:)If you cant tell... I am kind of obsessed with the apple orchard by our house. The apples and the random deer that prounce around in there keeps kids entertained for quite a while:)I should have room for a couple more fall shoots before I pop! Email me if you are interested... my address is on the top right.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

last weekend..

On sat morning Ivy and I attended johnny's flag football game. After the game he decided to go play a game of tackle bc apparently flag isn't good enough. Well I get a call 30 min later from him telling me that he and some kid collided and he split his eye open as well as his eyebrow. Will someone please tell my husband that he is TOO OLD to be playing tackle!? His dad is still playing tackle every thanksgiving day. Should I be worried!?

So 12 stitches later we were off to our worst nightmare.... BYU VS FLORDIA STATE. Lets just say johnny had one rough day.

some military helicopter that johnny was obsessed with + a 30 week belly:)

Ivy and I also got to get together with some of our favorite friends! Kacie and Layni live in utah right now, so we met up at gateway and had ourselves a grand ole time! I think Ivy and Layni are bff's in the making:)

No you are not imagining things..I clearly could not fit under the table.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What the!!?

Saw this on my friends blog and I have never been so excited!! This was definetely on my wish list for baby #2. Thanks Tris for posting! If you are nursing or think you will be nursing in the future or know someone who is nursing or might be nursing in the future, go to, click on Shop Now. Select a fabric that you like, and then place it in your shopping cart. Use promo code "chatter" and you will get your nursing cover for free (paying only $8.95 in shipping). Not sure how long they will be running the promotion, so hurry! I think it is only one per person..or shipping address:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I told myself that I would be better at writing down funny things that Ivy does/says. I have been keeping little notes in my phone as they happen, so here are some recents.

Over the summer Ivy and I were out to cheesecake factory for a friends b-day. So me and the girls are chattin away when I get this tap on my shoulder from behind. So I turn around and this women says:

" Um excuse me... your daughter wont stop putting her fork in my hair."
Me: (trying really hard not to laugh) "Oh my gosh, I am SO sorry" I then turn to ivy and say "Ivy! We do NOT put our forks in people's hair.
Ivy's response " Its like ariel."

hahahaha good one ivy. The worse part was that I totally forgot to tell the lady that the fork was clean! woops:) Lets just say we laughed really really hard.

So Ivy and I are walking around target in the birthday isle looking for a card for a friend when she shouts..

Ivy: "um mom you didn't even tell me happy birthday"
Me: looking over my shoulder to see a women standing by us waiting to hear why i haven't told my daughter happy birthday.. "Well Ivy, that's because its not your birthday silly."
Ivy: Ug! Okay... that's fine.
(way to make me look like a bad mom ivy!)

Same day at target:

Me: "Ivy, thank you soooo much for being such a good girl at the store."
Ivy: "Oh mom it was nofin."

Now everytime I praise her for being so good, she comes back with the same phrase "oh mom, it was nofin."

Ivy: "Hey mom, can you please text my friends to see if they can play with me???"
Me: What the!? Kids these days...

We went to NYC during the summer, and Ivy had a lot of funny things to say about the city...

You know how your walking down the street and there are hotdog stands blowin their smoke in your face everywhere you go..well Ivy had this to say about them.

Ivy: "Those guys need to seriously (pronounced as uriously by ivy) stop making hot dogs, it is WAY too hot outside!" i totally agreed with her.

The whole time we were in NYC Ivy was determined to find Giselle from the movie enchanted. So we are walking and she see's a billboard that had a girl with red hair in pink silk somethin and this is what Ivy had to say about it..

Ivy:" Oh my goodness mom! Look at Giselle! She looks beautiful in her pink g's!" (if you know what she really said here than great:)Yes, the obsession still continues. It was hilarious.

The other day Ivy and I were fighting over my cup of Ice. I really really really do not like when she takes my cup away or puts her little toddler hands in for a handful. I of course offer her a little cup that could be her very own, but no.. she insists on taking mine. So anyway, she totally knocked my cup over ( it was my last batch of sonic ice so you can imagine how unhappy I was) and I told her in a stern voice "see ivy, that is why I didn't want you to hold it, now you will need to pick up all of the ice and put it back into the cup.

And this is the response I get...

Ivy" Oh mom, you are a way to serious mom!"

I have no idea where she got that one, but she had me laughing pretty hard. Seriously Ivy,one day you will find that your mom does not know how to be serious. I don't have one serious bone in my body. Its a problem... You just wait.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

and we're back:)

So we have finally made it back to the west coast! GOSH it is so good to be home. Don't get me wrong the east coast is cool and all, but I decided that I could never live there longer than a summer...I have definitely found that i am a true west coast gal. Ivy and I flew home a couple weeks ago but made some pit stops along the way. First stop... Newport beach. I actually dropped ivy off in temec to play with the clark's for a couple days and then met up with my fam. We had so much fun, beachin it up, shoppin it up, and eatin it up! What more could you ask for!? It was a perfect way to close out our summer. Only one prob, I think I took a total of 5 pics:(

yes, maybe we are wearing regular clothes at the beach! Hey, it was 80 deg. WAY too cold for swimsuits:) Then we went on to az for a couple days where we did lots of swimming, BBQ'S, and got to hang out with some of our favorite friends...which btw friends, why didnt we take any pics!!?

ivy and papa rex
parks and ammon
kipster and her new little lovie

me,kels,car at none other than oregano's mmm!
Kelsee and I are only two weeks apart, but i will NOT tell you who is further along. how embaressing. It might be the fact that we did just get done eating not one but TWO pazookies hahaha, love when they screw up:)

what the!?. and here we are at 28 weeks:)

We finally made it back to our current home in good ol provo utah! My mom, ash and andy drove us up to help get us all unpacked and settled again. My mom and I got SO much stuff done. I think we threw out half of my house. It felt great. We also did a lot of "making room for baby #2." Mom, you are seriously a MACHINE! I cannot thank you enough!!!

Last week missy started pre-school. We absolutely LOVE her school as does she. Here are a few pics of our pre-schooler.

We have been loving being back here and getting into a normal routine. We are loving spending time with all of our friends and family here, watching how about those cougars!!? Spending lots of time outside before it starts to get cold, and We have ESPECIALLY been loving having johnny around. I think I was starting to forget what it was like to have a husband:) He is in full time school, but is home A LOT more than we are use to. He graduates from BYU in april..just around the corner:)

My pregnancy is going really well... as long as i have a cup of ice in my hands! Holy cow, I didnt know i could love something SO much!! I also cannot thank sonic enough for selling bags of ice. Greatest thing on earth to go to my freezer and see that lovely bag sitting there. In fact.. its already time to refill my cup! sheesh! I am almost 30 weeks so the countdown is on!I cannot even tell you how fast it has gone by. He will be here before we know it! We cannot wait to welcome this little guy into our family.