Sunday, May 25, 2008

good times!

I know... we really couldn't have taken a worse pic of us in the city !

It has been SO fun/crazy out here so far! I feel like I can finally take a deep breath and relax, actually I would be lying if I said that, I actually am having really bad asthma these past 2 days so never mind. Mel and Clark arrived here a couple weeks ago, and it has been non-stop fun with them around. Mel and I went into the city a week ago . We made sure that we timed it around Ivy's nap time bc she can get quite crazy sometimes. After about a half hour of strolling around Ivy was finally out. YES! We had so much fun shopping down there. A couple funny things happened while we were on our little adventure. While we were strolling around nordstrom, mel and I needed to up a floor. Well, I really didn't want to take the time to find the elevator, so I did what I do quite often, and lifted that back wheels of her stoller up on the escelator. So we get up there fine and then later start heading for the escelator to go down. I was in front of mel, and I simply lift my back wheels again and head down. Well 2 seconds later I hear mel laughing yelling to me that she doesnt know how to go down with her stroller. I didnt really get it bc, she was able to go up just fine... anyway to make a long story short, a lady that was behind mel started yelling " you dont make your friend come down with you, she has no idea what she is doing, and she is putting her baby in danger , and so are YOU! She blabbered on some more basically calling me an irresponsible mother. So of course you know me, no self control... I start laughing right in front of her face! I was laughing so hard I just about wet my pants...what a suprise, I know! Maybe you had to be there, but seriously it was SO funny! Then the next adventure comes on the way home. Mel and I were enjoying ourselves on the way home when the babies started to get a little out of control. Ivy has the highest pitched scream EVER and Clark has the lowest huskiest cry, that is also REALLY loud! Together= the most piercing sound ever! So...we are 3 miles away from home, when all of the sudden Ivy starts shrowing uo EVERY WHERE! Mel and I look at eachother and all we could do is laugh! Dont worry..ivy didnt see:) It just kept coming, and coming! It went all over her car seat, mel's sweater, and on the floor! Ivy has ner been sick like this, and it really was the first time I had ever seen her throw up. She was sick for 3 days:( At least she got to eat popsicles:) Anyway, that was adventure #1 for the summer, and I am sure we will have many more to follow!


Before we moved for the summer, Ivy spent a week with my mom in Az. While she was there Ivy was helping my mom plant her flowers. My mom said that all of the sudden she hears Ivy say "ewwwwww" so my mom looked over at her and she had a worm crawling through her fingers! She said it was so funny, bc Ivy was totally disgusted but she was still letting it crawl through her little hand. The way she says ewwww is hilarious in itself. The other day I was watching a little show with her when out of no where she grabs my arm, points to my 3 inch surgery scars and says "ewwwwwww" with a disgusted face. Ha ha! It made me laugh!

i like it!

Before I forget...I just had to post one of my favorite sayings that Ivy currently says. Everyday after I put Ivy's clothes on for the day she says " I like it Amy, I like it." Seriously I think it is my favorite little phrase that she has ever said, and I get to hear it every time I put something on too. I need to record it bc It seriously precious! I wish she would say that everytime I try to feed her!

Friday, May 16, 2008

my little princess...

While Johnny and I were in the process of moving, Ash took Ivy with her to nanny at my uncle's house to play with Ella and Summer. When she would drive up there she would play the enchanted song to entertain Ivy. As soon as the song would end, Ivy would freak out and say "gain, gain" for "again." She calls it the "princess song" and is completely obsessed with it! She knows the whole chorus, and a lot of the verse's. I have been trying to record her singing the song, but every time she sees herself in my computer, she gets really shy. I even tried to offer her a treat if she sang this is all I could capture:( I still think its cute:) So because of this song, she is obsessed with princesses. For a while she would put a princess on the end of anything she was asking for.... princess juice, princess blanket, princess hair, princess EVERYTHING! It was so cute:) Now she just asks to watch the princess movie all through out the day. Right now her fav princess movie is Little Mermaid. She has also turned pretty dang girly too! I love it! I was worried for a while because she hated all of her dolls, and anything girly! She also loves to sing twinkle, twinkle, as you can tell from the video. I think she gets confused half way through the song and starts singing the abc's.... why do they have the same tune anyway??

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

best b-day yet!

Well as you can tell I am a little behind on my posts. A couple weeks ago I turned 23 and also ran my first half marathon. I jumped into training for the half a little late, but convinced myself that I had to do it because I have always wanted to run one, and thought that it would be a good birthday present to myself to run it on my b-day. Needless to say, it made up for an awesome 23rd b-day! My friends Christy, Chris and I all stayed in a hotel down by gateway, so that we didn't have to wake up at 4am. So the morning of the race we woke up at 5am sharp..(thanks Chris for being so prompt) and headed down to catch the train up to Utah University. I felt awesome up until mile 10, and then my left knee pretty much gave out on me. The last three miles I did sort of a run/limp. I probably looked pretty ridiculous, but I did not want to stop. It felt pretty dang good to cross that finish line but still 3 weeks later my knee kills, and I haven't ran since then:( Johnny had scheduled finals sat morning but Ashley and Ivy were there to cheer me on! After the race we all went to the yummiest breakfast at the pancake house!(ash send me the pics!!!) That night Johnny took me to the roof restaurant located at the top of the Joseph Smith Building. This was the first birthday that I didn't have my family to celebrate with, but I had just as much fun just being with my Johnny. I love it when its just the two of us! We decided that it is our new favorite restaurant. It is so peaceful, and the food was amazing! After dinner we went to see U2 in 3D! We had both been wanting to see this for a while, and it was seriously AMAZING! It seriously felt like you were really there! I would highly recommend it! And thanks to Ash for babysitting all weekend long!! Anyway thanks for all of the calls, texts, posts, and presents! Oh ya and I got an iphone!! I love I love I love!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

happy b-day Kipper!

Today is the coolest girl in the world's sister-in-law Kippy! She is someone that I seriously dont know what I would do without! I could describe her with one word... PERFECT...but there are few more things that I love about her that I wanted to share!

- she is the most organized person in the WORLD

- the best person to have around when moving and unpacking!

- thinks she needs to wash her hair EVERY day

- loves to sing country even when she is so off key you wonder if she is singing the
same song you are:)

- she use to take me to the mall like every weekend nate was on his mission...and
never told me no:)

- let me drive her ford truck, when I had NO idea what I was doing...

- somehow our closets look extremely similar. If I get it, so does she...and vice

- takes everything she gets back! I am not sure how she even has any clothes or shoes left...

- Makes herself a little cup of chocolate milk EVERY morning!

- loves baths just as much as I do:)

- SO ontop of things it makes me sick!

- Doesn't know that you are supose to eat something before run in the morning...especially when you are running longer than you ever have...she totally threw up at the gym, and couldn't figure out why! ha ha

- knows me as good as my mom!

- the BEST person to go to for advice...she always knows what to do!

- Helped deliver Ivy....seriously best nurse EVER! Deliver at banner desert just to have kippy as your nurse, it is totally worth it!

- NEVER gets sick...really wierd!

- is always singing a little tune, and she never realizes that she is doing it...

- always has a good story to tell!

- has the longest tongue I have ever seen

- taught me how to use a tampon

- she is so selfless

- best auntie to Ivy

- has gained 5 pounds since 7th grade.

- Always happy

- has had the same hair-do and same color of hair for years...but still so cute

- thinks she has a crooked is perfect

- You will never go over to her house and see a mess. Everything is always in its perfect little place.

- VERY conservative in eveything she does

- will spend every second with me when I come into town...even if she has a million things to do.

-is the older sister I never had.. I cannot get enough of her!


sorry but I cannot find one pic of us on my comp...I think that it is time we do an Amy and Kippy photo shoot!


Friday, May 2, 2008

we are here!!!

We have finally arrived! We have been CRAZY busy! I feel like I have been disconnected from the world! I have been trying to get everthing put away, working in the office, and dealing with a crazy little toddler... who I will discuss in a later post! Currently we do not have the internet! II am having to use it at a bakery with free wi-fi....annoying! Anyway, hope all is well with everyone...Come Visit!