Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beck's little man party

the invite made by my cousin natalie


Birthday's are kind of a big deal in our family. Especially 1st birthday's!I know I take them a little too seriously, but after all, a birthday is to celebrate the day one is born, and that is a Our family is completely obsessed with this little man, and cannot imagine life without him. We were so lucky to be in Az for beck's 1st birthday surrounded by our family and our best friends there to join us. We even had family travel from CA to attend! We are the luckiest. I decided to throw him a "little man party." It was the most fitting theme for our little grandpa beck. I loved how everything turned out. I built the party around 1 thing. Mustaches. Oh how I love them. We had mustache cupcakes and cake, mustache sugar cookies, mustache photo booth, and lets not forget the mustache snow globe-- Leave it up to Urban outfitters on that find:) If it didn't have to do with mustaches, it was anything old man. A HUGE thanks to my graphic design cousin Natalie who made my dreams into reality:) on paper:) she is awesome. and also to my mamma, who just about killed me for being so darn OCD. haha:) And thank you to all of our friends who came to honor our little beck!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Halloweeny 2010

Halloween 2010 was a good one. Missy decided to be tinkerbell, but not just any tink...she wanted to be the "lost treausre tink, you know..the more adventurous one. Bc she is exactly that. A total nature freak and loves a good adventure. She wore boots instead of princess shoes to distinguish the two, and corrected people that thought she was just tinkerbell:) I tried to persuade her to be something scary like a witch, but there is no talkin this girl out of being some sort of princess. It just wasnt gonna happen. So Tink she was. Beckham on the other hand didnt have much of a choice. I made him a dragon. And omg, he was the cutest little dragon you ever saw. Every time I looked at him, i could not stop smiling. Boy stuff is so funny.

my fav:) That little round face sticking out of that dragon with the two little teeth, will be hanging big on my wall.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sundance with my momma

My mom came up in October and we had a great time, as usual. One day we went up to sundance and got lunch at the cafe there and had a little picnic out on the grass. oh my goodness it was seriously beautiful. Places like sundance make me proud that I live in the state of utah.YES you heard it....I AM PROUD TO LIVE IN UTAH. ps never ever ever thought I would be capable of such feelings.

I cannot even handle how cute that laughing smile is. finally he shows us his dimples in a pic. so adorable

meeting little julianne

In October, I finally got to meet one of my best friends first baby julianne. I am still trying to figure out how I got four years ahead of her. Sheesh. One minute we are the same, next minute I have a four year old before my carli has her 1st!? boggles my mind. Anyway, It was a give that she was going to be beautiful, but omg she is just the most precious little baby doll ever. I am obsessed with her.