Saturday, December 25, 2010

vegas baby!

In sep we went down to ca for johnny's class reunion, and on the way back we decided to make a pit stop in vegas. We ended up staying at the palazzo, and had a great time. Such an awesome hotel. Like one of our favorite hotels we have ever stayed it. I actually really really hate vegas, but put me in a really nice hotel, and the hotel brat is happy. Wanna know something hilarious!!? We went to this really awesome mexican resteraunt in our hotel, and as we were leaving, our waitress reccomended that we take our kids, to the pirate show at treasure island that was just across the street. We decided that it would be fun, and thought Ivy would really love it. So...we got there about 20 min early to ensure that we got a nice spot up in front so the kids would have a nice view. Johnny even had ivy up on his shoulders just to make sure she didnt miss a single thing., this show was full of awful seductive dancers trying to turn on pirates and happened to be wearing practically nothing. It was thee most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Oh and to make matters worse, there were so many people, that we couldn't leave. After johnny removed Ivy from his shoulders to the worst view in house, we just looked at each other and laughed really really hard. I cannot believe that our waitress would have recommended such a show. After we got back to our hotel, Ivy asked if we could go see the pirate show the next day! I told her that mommy didnt really like the pirate show bc of the girls outfits, to which ivy responds "but mommy! their outfits were beautiful! I loved the pink sparkally one! bahahaha. Anyway, If you go to vegas, be sure to skip out on the pirate show. you will thank me later:)

oh becky boo...

Some of my favorite pics of mister becky boo boo boo. I have promised johnny that I will stop calling this boy of ours becky. I am trying REALLY hard, but believe you me, it is hard. Anyway, these pics are from this fall. Yes I know, we are obviously a little behind on life. First one is of him eating his little face after sister decided to share her fudgesicle with him. precious. The others are of his first time sitting on the grass. Lets just say he was not a fan. I think he found it itchy, pokey and totally uncomfortable. He was trying so hard to not let his feet touch the ground... It was so awesome to watch! He soon realized after falling back a few times, that he could only lift one foot up at a time, so that he did. funny kid I tell you.