Sunday, July 27, 2008


johnny totally sick from our little swing ride we HAD to go on!

johnny with his new friend:) *see story below

This past weekend we stayed downtown with my mom and Ammon. Johnny was able to join us friday and sat night and all day Sunday. We went to navy pier,rode the ferris wheel, got sick on the swing ride, went to the shed aquarium, and ate at Gino's TWICE, shopped our little hearts out. Man I love this city! It is going to be hard to leave... although I have heard that the winters here are that makes me feel better:) Thanks woofy for taking taking pics for us:)

Remeber the little police scanner I got Johnny for his b-day?? Well... johnny had me carry his scanner in my purse as we walked around Chicago, bc there are crazy things that go on in the south suburbs that he likes to tune into. Anyway, we were sitting ouside the aquarium, and Johnny was chillin on the bench listening to his scanner, when all of the sudden, he hops up and yells "ROB, ROB" there was a burglery that just happened in the aquarium! They are looking for a hispanic lady wearing a yellow shirt! So he and Johnny got pretty excited and started running around the grounds outside ready to do a citizens arrest. It was too funny! They didnt end up catching her, but as we got onto our water taxi to head back to Michicgan Ave, there was a hispanic lady wearing yellow...what do you know! Johnny was SURE that she was the one that they were looking for, but was too afraid to do anything. The things that excites him...I swear!

ivy's trip to nauvoo

Ivy just wanted to share a couple pics from her trip to Nauvoo with her Grandma. My mom said that parker and Ivy would hold hands everywhere they went! Too bad these two dont live closer to eachother... as you can see they are best friends! Thanks for the break mom!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the big 2-6!

A couple days ago my johnny boy turned 26! I really feel bad for his summer b-day, when doing this job. I was able to snatch him a little early from work to go into the city. My mom was here, so we were in luck with a babysitter! I took him to the resturaunt that is ontop of the John Hancock building. It is 95 stories up...It was AMAZING. At first they sat us down, and we had a pretty good view, but we were a little dissapointed bc we couldnt see everything. Then after we ordered our food, our waiter came up to us, and asked if we would like to move to a better location. Heck Yes! He moved us to the best table in the house! It was awesome! We had such a good time together. I got him something that he has wanted for a very long time! A police scanner! I swear the kid has been wanting to get one for years. Everytime we go to the mall, we split up, and when I am done I call him to see where he is at. Almost everytime without fail, he is in radio shack, listening to a police scanner! He is too funny! So I bit the bullet and got one! He was seriously so happy, he was like a little was pretty cute! After Dinner we stayed the night downtown. It was a fun night!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

trip to cali!

meet jamie, johnny's little sis!

After Ivy and I went to AZ my dad flew us up to Cali to see Johnny's fam. It was my first flight with my dad! I was super nervous, but it ended up not being a big deal at all. I was mostly nervous about having Ivy on board, but she ended up doing great. She slept half of the time, read books, and ate snacks the rest of the flight. We had such a great time with Johnny's fam. We went to a bbq up at lynae's house, and then we went to the beach, and spent alot of time in their ridiculously fun pool! We also got to spend some time with Camille, Matt and Christian who we sold with last year. Ivy has SO much fun with Jamie, she is completely obsessed with her. It is kind of funny to think that Ivy and Jamie will be closer in age than Ivy and her little sibling. Then on Sunday we flew out of San Diego back to our favorite city Chicago! We had such a great time, but we were very anxious to get back to Johnny!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

SO mad!

Well looks live I haven't posted anything in about a month. Wanna know why?? Worst thing ever! When I was in AZ like 3 weeks ago, I was on my laptop and Ivy was next to me playing with my iphone(BAD IDEA!) And out of nowhere she threw my phone into my laptop screen and totally cracked it. Luckily my phone is totally fine but my comp is pretty much worthless. I love her to death but I was seriously SO mad!!! SO... I haven't had access to any of my pics or anything. It is in getting its screen replaced right now, so I should be back up and bloggin in no time!