Sunday, May 17, 2009

our little baby...

is not so little anymore:( Recently she has hit some major monuments.

1. Fully Potty trained. well except for at do you do that anyway!??
2. Sleeping in her own bed at night. I will blame this one on her daddy who couldn't bare not to be cuddling with her all night.
3. Has finally gained weight!!! She weighs 35lbs and is finally eating like a human rather than a bird!
4. She can count to 19:) and can count to 5 in spanish--thanks dora!

She is talking up a storm, in fact she hardly stops talking. She asks a million questions and has to know answers to everything in FULL detail.

We got these fam pics taken a couple months by jill thomas. I am so happy with them, but we will already need an update come november. Yup. after my crazy episode in march and after all of tests, one test came back conclusive: we've got a baby on the way! Yes, some of you already heard as it wasn't very easy to keep it under wraps! I had half of my concerned family in the er with me who heard the news before I did. Ashley had already called johnny, and andrew had already called my mom to let them know of the news. It was pretty weird to have all of that happen, and at the same time finding out that I was pregnant. I had taken a test the night before,and it was negetivo!It may seem like a long pregnancy considering everyone found out when I was 3 weeks along, but nonetheless we are sooooo excited!!

Ivy and the babe will be a little over 3 years apart. I am thinkin that the age gap will perfect for us. Ivy will be the perfect little helper, at least that is what she is training for in boot camp this summer.

We got our first ultra-sound last week, and thankfully, everything looked great! In 4 weeks we will find out what we are having... we cannot wait!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

and here we go again...

Well... we are here and finally settled in. Ivy and I had a blast with our family and friends in az...but what's new.I also got to celebrate my birthday with my family, which I haven't been able to do for a while! We were sad to leave az but we really love it out here, it is GORGEOUS! I remember it being pretty but I must have forgotten how pretty. It feels like we live in a jungle..the trees are ginormous. The weather here has been pretty good so far except for it has rained for the past 4 days straight. No wonder it so green here! We haven't really gotten out too much bc I have had to help out in the office, but the oa just got here so we are ready to venture out! Last weekend went and walked around DC.. it has been a while since we have both been there, so it was really fun to see it again. Ivy has already made new best friends here, she is having a ball! Our apartments are really nice, but we are having major problems with fire alarms...again. Worst thing ever... Our 2nd day here the fire alarm (which is by far the loudest most piercing alarm you have EVER heard) went off at 5am! No joke. It was the rudest awakening I have ever had...and poor ivy was freaking out! When it went off johnny was like "oh aim they are just doing a drill"... uh huh, right running a drill at 5am, I don't think so! I told him he had better get dressed quick bc we are going outside! Ever since our little fire in milwaukee, I don't mess around with fire alarms. So we go out our door, and one by one all of the boys poke their heads out of the door to see if anyone else was going outside. So there we all were standing outside in our pj's at 5am. We waited for 30 min while the fireman went through all of the buildings, and of course it is a false alarm. So we go back in and finally got back to sleep and at 7:30 am it goes off again. I was livid! Oh and dont worry it went off at midnight 3 nights ago and then went off 18 times a couple mornings ago. I cannot tell you how much I HATE fire alarms.. well I shouldn't hate them bc they might save our life one day, but fr reals! Bad thing is, if there happens to be a real fire here, we are all going to burn bc we now ignore them. Then, yesterday we woke up to water pouring out of our bathroom ceiling! Not just water,soapy water. We were getting the shower water of the apt above us. Good thing my cousin lives above us.. i would have been so grossed out. Anyway, we finally got that problem under control. I really do love where we live but I am thinkin they just moved us in a little too early bc they definitely don't have their shiz together:) But you know what, I dont have mine completely together either. I do really stupid everyday. Like today for example, I went to target and was walking up the stairs ( bc the elevator is broken:) and I was trying to carry a million groceries as well as help ivy up the stairs, and I dropped one of my bags, so I go down to pick it up and forgot about my icee that I had placed upright in my purse bc I didnt have a hand to hold it. When I bent down, it definitely fell out of my purse and landed on my head and went down my shirt. awesome. I never laughed so hard at myself. seriously it was hilarious. An pile of icee on my head, just picture it.

here are some pics from az and here!

these two cannot get enough of eachother!
My b-day!
I wasnt feeling like cake so me mama made ma a fruit pizza!
johnny stuffin his face at the greatest place EVER
Potbelly's!!! Oh how we have missed you! I cannot tell you how in love I am with this joint. When we went there I got a sandwhich, 2 giant pickes, their oatmeal cookie, and a strawberry shake!! Sure made up for lost time quick:) I am so in love with you potbelly's!!!!