Saturday, February 19, 2011

christmas 2010

We spent christmas this year at the clarky's house. We had such a great time. We were all very spoiled. Ivy got her first American girl doll, Laney, which was a huge hit. Looks like we got roped in into this American girl doll business. I was never into them when I was little, so its a whole new world to me, is a world in itself. My favorite present from the clark's was our shark steam mop. I looooove it. Johnny gave me a new pair of toms and an awesome camera bag/purse that I have been wanting, and a trip to florida!.I gave him clothes, and a signed BYU basketball which he was totally stoked about. A few days after christmas we headed down to az. My mom gave us the most beautiful quilt ever! She made one for all of the married couples. It took her months to make them! We also got a 3 month supply of food storage, which we totally needed!!! Another great christmas:)

The day after xmas while everyone was still in town, jolly's friend took us sailing in the san diego bay! Even though it was extremely frigid, we sipped our hot chocolate and had ourselves a great time.