Monday, April 11, 2011

a new chapter...

Hello again! Not sure why it has been such a huge task in keeping up this little blog of ours, but it is! I always feel like I cannot blog unless I am totally caught up on past events, but I am totally over keeping life's events in perfect sequence. So, with that said christmas might be posted in july, and halloween may be posted in august, and I don't really care. I am going to be a bit more random, but hopefully that will push me to write more often.

So here is our current happenings as of now. April 11th. We just returned to our home in utah from living in ca for the winter. Johnny was very busy training with his partner the whole time, but the kids and I had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather and hanging out with the clarks.Utah is still very cold, and has snowed a ton in the few weeks we have been back. Johnny started a business here in salt lake, which is very bittersweet for moi. When we moved here, it was only with intentions to finish what he had started at byu. By coming up here, he would have finished school a year earlier vs transferring his credits to asu. He was on schedule to graduate in 2 years from the time we moved here. Um well, we have now been here for 4 years... but good news! He graduated this last december and will be walking in 2 weeks! He wont be using his degree, but its just nice to check that off the ole list:) I honestly never imagined that we would be here this long. We had always planned on moving back to az or ca to be close to family. I am still trying to get use to the idea, that we are not going home. When I found out that we would be staying for at least 5 years I cried my little eyes out. I seriously miss my family and friends sooooo much, but such is life. Even though it has been hard to accept the fact, we are very excited and very grateful for the business opportunity that we have here in utah. Johnny's office will be near salt lake, so we are moving to be closer to his office. We will be sad to leave our little cozy condo near byu, but are excited to have a little more room, and to meet new friends! On another note, we are getting really excited for summer to be here! We have never spent a summer in utah, so it should be fun! We were very spoiled in San Diego last summer, so I bought us 7 peaks passes to try and ease the pain:) ha.ha.ha What kinds of things do you utah people do for fun in the summer? I am hopin for a summer filled with swimming, and lots of snow cones. The other day, I was looking on ksl and I saw a million snow shack businesses for sale. I seriously want to buy one, plant it near my house, and throw a high schooler in there. I asked johnny if he would be interested in buying one, and he looked at me like I was retarded. Its such a stupid little treat but i freaking love them. In fact, when I was little, I somehow talked the local candyman into letting me buy snow-cone ice from him so that I could sell snow cones at the ballpark. I hooked up a wagon full of ice and syrup to my little honda 50 motercycle.I was so legit. I would buzz around the ballpark yelling "snow cones, snow cones!" with no shame. i made some pretty good money for a 10 year old. Then I got smart, and talked my dad into letting me sell jambas from our store. He didn't even make me pay for the cost of them! Wasnt that so cool of him!? I seriously made bank. No worries, it wasn't the last thing I sold. Somehow a neighbor of ours talked me into selling knock off perfumes from china. for real!? Some of the things I did, and sold. I cannot even believe that my parents allowed me to do that! I guess times have changed eh? Oh and you better believe I was usually a top contender in selling wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions,chocolate etc.. for my elementary school fundraiser. Dude, I cannot even believe all of the things that elementary schools try to get the students to sell. And remember the motivating assembly's that they would hold to present the products and the prizes!? Can we say WAST OF TIME!? All for one of those darn Weeble things that was basically a 10 cent cotton ball which you got if you sold $20 dollars worth of crap!?? Honestly, I can see if they are trying to get the kids to earn money for summer camp or something, but to send little kids out selling crap door to door just seems wrong. Whoa, not sure how I got to weebles but for real,how did we ever think those were so awesome!? They sure knew how to brainwash us didn't they.

So anyway, here we are starting a new little chapter in our life. We hope its a good one, and hope that we will be able to embrace this little cold beehive state, and what it has to offer:) bye for now:)