Monday, March 31, 2008

to grandma's house ivy goes...

Last week my family came up to Utah for their spring break. We stayed up in park city for most of the week. We went snowboarding, shopping and ate at some fun places on main. My dads friend let us stay in a house that he had just built to sell. It was ridiculously nice....we were spoiled! A couple days before they left, my mom mentioned that Ivy should drive home with them because Ashley was going with them and then flying back 4 days later. After convincing Johnny of all the things that we could do and get done while she was away, he finally agreed to let her go. When Friday morning came around, I went and picked her up out of her crib, and she was seriously being so cute, and saying the cutest things, cuddling...and all of the sudden I just didn't think that i could let her go home with them. Well we ended up letting her go because I didn't want to disappoint my family who was so excited to take her, and Nate and Kippy who were waiting for her in AZ. As soon as we said goodbye, johnny and I walked back inside, and we were totally sad. But to say the least Johnny and I had a lot of fun while she was gone. We went out to late night movies, slept in, I went on a ten mile run with Chris and Christy, we went to the spoken word on Sunday, and pretty much did everything that we cant do with her:) My mom said that Ivy was a complete angel on the Trip, apparently she didn't cry or whine once! Johnny and I couldn't believe it! Ivy had a lot of fun in AZ too, she played outside all day everyday because she cant do that here. I picked her up from the airport on Tuesday, and she was SO excited to see me. She gave me the cutest, biggest smile, and started clapping her hands! I was glad to see that she missed me:)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

in honor of cousin mike:)

about a week ago, Ashley and I ran the 10k rex lee cancer run. My cousin mike (who is engaged to Johnny's sister Jenae) was diagnosed with Hodgkin's cancer about 3 months ago. He is currently undergoing chemo, and it appears to be shrinking his tumor. We are excited for him to be done treating so that he and Jenae can finally get married! Mike and Jenae ran this cancer run together last march...what a coincidence.

baby "g"

These are for you s-baw. I took these pics when he was only 4 days old. He is so sweet.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

baby hailey

Yesterday My friend Andi and I got together to take pictures of her baby. Isn't she SO yummy!? She was so good, and gave me the cutest faces! Thanks Andi:)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

stendig calendar

How cool of an idea is this to take your baby's monthly picture on the current month. I SO wish that I would have had a stendig calendar when Ivy was born. I would also love to have this hanging somewhere in my house...too bad the 2008's are sold out:(

typography posters

I am in LOVE with these typography posters.Ivy's name is a little short, so I think that I will do "Ivy Lee." You can buy them from madebygirl ...or make your own, like I will probably do:)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

mr. and mrs. nelson

I love taking pictures of clark. He and I connect. He always looks me straight in the eye, and gives me the cutest faces, and his eyes are just stunning. Ivy had just woken up from her nap, and I thought that her crazy pig tails would make a funny pic. Her hair totally goes along with her personality...crazy!!!

osborn fam

While Ivy were in Az last week, I took some pics for my mom's neighbor Noelle. In return, she made me the cutest hand stamped jewelry EVER! You have to check out her jewelry They were so fun to shoot. This was the first time that I have used suckers, and boy am I a fan! They kept them entertained and made for some cute pictures. I wish I could have posted all of their pics, because they turned out so cute! Thanks Noelle!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

outdoor adventures

i am in love with her smile!
just chillin in the street
she fell down and got her hands dirty... she would not stop looking at them.

Ivy and I have to go play outside at least once a day. There really isn't any where to play where we live, so we just walk around the parking about BORING! She calls going outside "side" and repeats "side, side, side" until I take her out. To keep myself entertained, I just take pictures of her...she is so sick of the camera in her face!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ammon going green

This is a typical scene at my house. Ammon making inspirational videos with tyler jealous and mad in the background trying to ruin his productions. Ammon is always suprising us with his newest act. He has been entertaining us since he came out of the womb. Ammon is 11 goin on 25, and has just about every girl at his elementary school after him. He can hardly wait to go through puberty...not kidding! Ammon is also a magician...he prefers to be called "Ammonazing." Just to let you all know, this song is written and produced on garageband by "Ammonazing" himself.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

love this smile!

loves to pop out of the closet and scare me!

I'll let you take a guess at what she is doing here:)

It was another cold day that left ivy and I to play inside all day.