Sunday, February 24, 2008

january 08...still catching up...

Ivy making her mom happy by doing forward rolls!

These pics were taken of Ivy in Jan while we were visiting in Az.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I am in love! I saw these little birdies via design mom. I would love to have some, but I am not sure what I would use them for. Click here to see more.

sudance film festival

Here are a couple pics from the sundance film festival. It was ridiculously cold and we forgot Ivy's stroller...but other than that we had fun!

jan 08

Ivy found a huge can of paint and was trying to carry it across my moms wood floor. She of course ended up droping it, and it spilled ALL over the floor and on her! My mom was really upset...I couldn't help but laugh:) sorry mom!
she sure is growing up!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

worth your time reading THIS!

This is a story about my cousin Christen's husband Zach. If you know zach, the story is 100x's funnier! He is very reserved. I know that I think everything is funny, but I was crying laughing over this one! Here it goes:

Zachary decided to buy me a wonderful hour long massage for valentines day. Zach dropped me off at the message therapists office and went to go get my car washed at Russell Speeders Car Wash (at about 114th and West Center road). This is a very funny car wash and I had told him he needed to try it out sometime. It reminds me of something from a Pee Wee Herman movie. There are manikins in the carwash. The manikins have human heads and stick figure bodies. They are wearing regular clothes, which cling to their metal frame bodies because it is sopping wet in the car wash. There is a black manikin with a whistle that holds a stop sign. This car wash is a sight to behold under the most normal of circumstances. When he picked me up an hour later, I sat down and began to put on my seat belt. I noticed that my seat belt was very wet, and asked why. Zach responded with a surprisingly snappish "I'M ALL WET!!"

I looked up, and sure enough, Zachary was wet and furious. I was reminded of a puppy who had received a not wanted bath. I could not believe my luck, and felt like it was Christmas all over again. "WHAT HAPPENED?!" I exclaimed.

WELL, evidently, Zach had gone into the car wash (and here is where he angrily interjects that "there wasn't even a sign that said to put your car into neutral," though I know for a fact there is one). When he had gotten to the part where you are supposed to stop, he put his car into park, and a frantic car wash attendee ran over to him yelling to "PUT YOUR CAR IN NEUTRAL!!" Zachary rolled down his window and asked the attendant to repeat himself.

"PUT YOUR CAR INTO NEUTRAL!!!!" the attendee screamed. Zach acted quick and realized that having his car in park was probably causing damage to it at this point. Then he realized that the "ride" had begun and he started to roll up his window.

At this point, it must have dawned on him that he was in my car, and the drivers side window most often gets stuck when it is rolled down. I can only imagine (with delight) what happened next. Zach proceeded to be washed, waxed, and whomped in the head with the car wash "whompers," all the while panicking and possibly screaming as he was pummeled, soaped, and squirted. He denies any screaming, or obscenities, but I like to imagine that there was much of that going on.

When he exited the car wash, another 'annoying' manikin was holding a sign that said to go when the light came on. Zach waited patiently. He was not going to make any move without being sure he was doing the right thing. He was mortified when (probably about 5 min later) he was forced to make a move when the car behind him started honking with fervor.

I asked Zach "when did you finally get the window up," and he replied with bitterness, "about 10 blocks later."

It is 20 degrees outside, he was wet, and he had to drive 10 blocks with the window down. Also, Chloe was with him in the car at the time (though... thankfully, she remained dry... and possibly slept through the entire adventure). Zach was late to work this afternoon because he had to wash the stick from his soapy and waxy body, and change his clothes.

I know that in time Zach will be able to see the humor in this situation. He begged me not to tell anyone. I apologized and told him that the world MUST know of this. And now you do :0)

I will try to get some pictures of this car wash in the next week so you all can see how funny it is.

All in all I think this was one of the better days I have had in my life.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


We decided to celebrate valentines day on wed so that Ashley could babysit, as she had plans with her bf on thursday. Johnny took me to Chef's Table. I have been telling him that I would like to go there since we moved up here, but we just haven't found a reason to spend that much money on dinner. I loved it! The setting was perfect. It is small, peaceful, and really good! It seems like everytime we go out to eat we are either distracted with Ivy, or somehow we always end up at a resturaunt with a tv so johnny doesn't have to miss a single game of whatever! Anyway,we both agreed that it was very nice to finally be by ourselves without ANY distractions. On thursday, Johnny brought me home roses and the biggest polish dog I have ever seen. It was even on a pink bun:) He got them from a little hotdog shack next to campus called j-dawgs. He ALWAYS talks about how amazing they are, and decided to suprise me with one. I felt bad because he was seriously SO excited for me to finally try one. I have never been a fan of them, and well...I'm still not:( But....I loved the pickle! Thanks for a fun day babe!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Yesterday Johnny and I were just hangin out when Ivy came and grabbed both of our hands and led us to her room. So we sit down with her and start to play with her and all of her toys. All of the sudden she starts spinning in circles saying "ashie, ashie, ashie, ashie....." she probably said it about 20 times or more, so I say to Johnny, oh she loves to say "Ashley's" name....then all of the sudden she falls to the ground and says "down"!!! Right when she dropped johnny was like "oh my gosh! she is doing "ring around the rosies." We were both freaking out! We had never taught her this, so we are figuring that she learned it in nursury. This last Sunday was her first time going to nursery where she actually stayed. I guess she picks up on things pretty was just so funny that she randomly busts it out! So then she grabs our hands to do it with her. We ended up doing it with her about 15 times. It was so funny! I cannot believe how big she is getting....well she is still a little bean pole, but she is totally getting tall! I think that she has Johnny's sisters genes...they are all really tall!

Monday, February 11, 2008

my creative friend

Meet my creative friend Tamir. Tamir and I were in both in the wives club last summer while our husbands sold security. Anyway... She totally made this house out of cardboard for her little 2 year old boy. I love that the house is being protected by platinum too! Way to be loyal Tamir! Is she not the coolest mom EVER! I wish I could be more like Tamir. And... if you ever want a funny read...check out her blog she is totally random/hilarious!

Friday, February 8, 2008

happy birthday ashie!!!

This is Ash dressed up as Brittany on halloween!
Then...three weeks ago, this pic comes out on! Ha Ha
This is a pic of ash when she crashed at the roller rink!

Today is Ashie's 19th b-day! There are way too many things/memories that I love about are 19!

1. Her lovable is really hard not to like her!
2. She is hilarious!
3. Her comments at the dinner table...we like to call it "atc" comments (ashley typical comments)
4. Her love for chicken fingers and fatty foods...somehow she stays skinny!
5. Her daily naps after school
6. She has "ms" syndrome (mall syndrome) everytime we go to the mall, after about 2 hours she hits a brick wall and cannot walk anymore
6. ALWAYS falls asleep on the way home from the mall!
7. When she was in jr high, she had 4 friends over at our house. Our family had ordered pizza that night but didn;t have enough for her 4 friends. So...ashley says this "well since I normally eat 5 pieces, it will be the same if we all have one.Maybe you had to be there...but it was so typical of ash!
8. sharing our twin bed!
9. Our 10x10 bedroom
10. Almost biting her finger off while trying to have a bite of her slice of pizza she was holding.
11. Laughing about Phillip co*
12. Her random swear words!
13. We had a suprise b-day for my brother Andrew's b-day, that she didn't know about.She walked in with Andy and said "what the hell"!!!! it was hilarious, she totally didn't mean to and cried because she felt bad!
14. One of the most down to earth people I know
15. Her daily visits to
16. Her obsession with disney and nickelodeon when she was little
17. Is an amazing violinist and singer (won first place in the state of Arizona for voice)
18. she is one of the most chill people I know
19. Is the BEST sister I could ever ask for! I love you Ash!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

happy birthday...tara...John...& rachel!!!

Today is my sister-in-law tara,my friend rachel & my father-in-law's birthdays! Here are a couple of things that I love about all of them!

Tara: Can laugh harder than anyone I know! Orders two entree's at dinner instead of one...but somehow still maintains a ridiculous PERFECT body!Good at everything she does, and is very easy going.

John (aka jolly john): The happiest person I know! Wears the funniest ties I have ever seen! e.g. has a christmas tie that sings music and sometimes goes off during sacrament meeting! Is extremely optimistic, and a great example.

Rachel: An awesome friend. She can talk Forever...and I love it! The most organized person I know! Is very entertaining... and we have been friends since we were newborns!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i love...letters

Last night at enrichment we made these cute magnent love letters. Appropriate for valentine's day, and forever. While making these, we talked about the book "love languages." I have never read it, but I can tell you that it is going to be the next book that Johnny and I read together! You can buy the letters at any craft store, as well as the mod poge glue. (sp?) And I am told that you can find the book "love languages" just about anywhere.