Sunday, March 28, 2010

Coolest baby invention YET!

Have you ever heard of Puj Tubs? Seriously,the COOLEST baby bath tub yet. It is a perfect replacement for those big old baby tubs. I just tried it with beck, and it is amazing! It is extremely light weight and stores completely flat. If your like me, and live in a small place with ZERO storage, this tub is for you! I hang it on a hook in my shower. Seriously a dream, compared to the old ones. I remember trying to bathe ivy in a tradiitonal baby bath, having to hold her her up with one arm, and using my other arm to bathe. However, the puj tub supports your baby in an upright position allowing you to use both of your hands. The material that they use is awesome, it forms to his body, so he's not sliding around like a slippery fish. It is also insulated so that it stays warm. Beck loooovves his bath time, and I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with this tub.

Our bathroom sink is tiny and pretty outdated so the tub is a little too big for it. I have still been using it everyday, I just have to clog one of the drain holes (the ones that keep it from overflowing) so that the water doesn't go all over my floor. However, I tried this out over at my mom's (who has new updated sinks) and it worked perfectly. You have got try this out! You will not be sorry.

Check out this video so you can see the tub in action!

I would definitely recommend this tub to everyone with a newborn baby (0-6 months). Would make a great baby gift too since everyone needs a baby bath tub right!?

Check out the Puj Tub for yourself at the new web site exclusively for baby bath tubs!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Johnny & Ivy's va-cay!!

I am absolutely DYING over these pics. Johnny and Ivy had a BLAST together on their cruise. I so wish I could have gone, but more than that, I wish that I could have been a fly on the wall!! They are too cute together, and have the cutest relationship. I definitely realize that there aren't too many guys who would take a toddler on a vacation without their wife... so for that I am grateful to my husband for being so kind to take her so that I could have a much needed break!! The pictures actually tell the story quite well! Thanks uncle for obeying my orders (which were to take at least 50 pictures.) well done. I was running late off to az, and packed ivy's bag but sort of forgot to tell johnny what peices of clothing went together, but kind of figured he would be able to tell. You can read my thoughts below each picture:)

All ready to go!!

Pretty sure this is the first thing they got when they walked onto the ship. Johnny said they had at least 5 a day! I am sure Ivy was in HEAVEN!

um must have thought the name was pretty funny?? besides that, they look pretty dang cute!


Apparently Johnny thought that Ivy was not only suppose to wear this green knit dress everyday, but also to formal night! hahaha i guess he missed her cute formal dress and her cute turquoise flats that I had packed.

attempting to keep her straggly hair out of her face. All ready for formal night! hahaha

Chillin with uncle!

These 2 peices were really not suppose to go together, but hey...he worked it out, he worked it out. At least the hat and pants were the right idea.

love this pic. Can we say Tom and Suri cruise! hahaha totally kiding.

I am guessing that Ivy didnt want her make-up to smear, and johnny did not want to get burnt??

At the Atlantis resort! I have wanted to go there for YEARS. Ever since the newlywed episode where Nick and Jess went there...Seriously still grieving over that divorce.

Oh HEY formal dress, there you are... paired with the creepy face painting! Seriously what are they doing in that kids club!? For heavens sake, she looks like marilyn manson or something. Apparently she was suppose to be a bunny!?? (thanks for clearing that up Kelley!) Oh and gotta love that pony tail! I love that he tried to do her hair!

Dont forget those sunglasses! For real!

Oh and here is beck and I on our lavish arizonian vacation. We had a lot of fun too... wish I had pictures to prove it:) We saw lots and lots of freinds, ate lots and lots of food, and took lots and lots of pictures:) the end.