Sunday, June 15, 2008

I had to!

I have been dying to cut little missy's hair into a bob with some bangs for quite some time now. I had to wait to come to AZ to do it, bc I get really scared to have anyone else do our hair! So we finally did it! Isn't she a doll!?? Johnny likes her with short hair but when I sent him a pic he was laughing bc he says that the "a- line" looks like "t-baz." Can anyone help me with this one! I have no idea what he is talking about...

SO scary!

So... I am in AZ right now hanging with the fam for a few days. Last night I put Ivy down on Ashley's bed for a little snooze. About an hour later, I went to check on her and couldn't find her anywhere! I started panicking, but just then, I could hear her breathing. FEW! I had put pillows on the floor on both sides of the bed incase she did roll of so she would have a safe landing! After looking around for a few seconds, I found her little feet sticking out from underneath the bed! WHAT THE!!? I have no Idea how she maneuvered her self into this position! am SO glad that I heard her breathing before I had to pull her out!!!

iphone captures!

going through my pics on my phone yesterday, and found theses:) Ivy loves to skinny dip in public pools!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

how cute is she?!

Yesterday, Rob and Mel watched ivy while we went out to breakfest. As you can see she had SO much fun playing in Clarky's new ball pit!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

summer fun!

As you can see we have been keeping ourselves very busy! This summer has seriously been non stop fun! We absolutely LOVE it out here, and everything is going really well! I have taken a much needed break from my computer this summer to focus on other things... so... I probably wont be bloggin much, but when I do, like today... I will have a million pics of all of the things that we are doing! Bye!