Monday, December 31, 2007

collin hess

Today I took some pics of collin hess. She is the CUTEST little girl with the BIGGEST smile I have ever seen!It was totally her nap time, and she was still smiling! Thanks Megan!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I did a little photo shoot of my nephew Parker today. He is the only other grandchild besides ivy. They are two months apart, and are best friends! Parker has the beanie on because Ivy has problems with pulling his hair...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ivy & the Pear (take 2)

(Ivy's mug shot!)

I know that I have already done a photo shoot with Ivy and her favorite fruit...but it is seriously one of the only ways that I can make her hold still (well.. pretty still.) I probably took over 100 pictures of her eating her pear. Does she not make the funniest faces?!?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ivy's fist snow experience!

Here are a couple of pics from last week when it snowed. It was Ivy's first time playing in it. She loved rolling around and eating it. Later that day we went sledding. I tried to put Ivy on the sled to go down with johnny, and she freaked out! So...johnny ended up going alone while we watched. Then he came back up and I got on. As I started to go down the hill, Ivy started SCREAMING "MAYMIE MAYMIE MAYMIE." It was hilarious..and sad. She is very protective over me...she never did end up calming down,so we had to call it a day!

Scary Elmo!

The day that we got in from our cruise, Johnny's family met us in LA with Ivy. We had some time to kill before we walked around Hollywood blvd. The faces that Ivy is making were due to a man dressed up as elmo with a scary smokers voice...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Frivolous Jewelry

My friend makes the CUTEST jewelry! Compared to other companies who sell the same style...she is WAY cheaper!She can make any style to fit an adult or a child...would make a great Christmas present! She made Ivy a little princess necklace...I love it!!! Check it out!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our Cruise!

( Our friends won the royal suite by playing bingo! It was SO nice...ignore the wierd pics in the backround!

This last week, Johnny and I went on a cruise! Neither of us had ever been on one, so we didn't really know what to expect... We had a blast!!! It was only the second trip we had gone on with just the two of us, so it was a much needed vacation! The best part about it was, it was free! Johnny earned it selling with platinum protection last summer. There are countless perks that we get to enjoy with his company! I love it! We left out of LA on Nov.25 on the ship Vision of the Seas. The ship was overwhelming when we first boarded. It had 11 floors, a casino, 3 restaurants which were pretty much open 24 hours a day, 2 pools, 6 hot tubs, a theatre, numerous bars (where I enjoyed many strawberry daqaries...yes, without alcohol), a library, shopping, a game get the idea. It was huge! Our stateroom was was a very "cozy" room (nice way of saying very small) but because there's so much to do on the ship we didn't need to spend too much time in the room. We had so much fun hanging out with all of our friends! We went to Cabo, Mazatlan, and puerto vallarta( our honeymoon spot.)In cabo we went snuba diving(scuba+snorkel) In matzatlan we went on a catamaran to a deserted island, and it Puerto we went on the canopy tour(zip lines through the jungle...way fun!) They had incredible food on the ship...I seriously gained close to 5 pounds! Time for the post cruise diet! We left Ivy with Johnny's parents in California, and boy was she spoiled! She had so much fun over there, they have just about every toy imaginable! Ivy and Jamie got along really well. By the 5th day of the cruise I was missing ivy like crazy. This was the first time that I had ever been away from her. It was pretty hard considering that fact that we quit nursing only 3 weeks before:( Anyway, we had such a blast and cannot wait for next years company trip!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

thank you!

This week sweet ivy holiday cards were featured in two honorable sites! The first feature was in "Design Mom" , and the second one was in "Chic Mommy Finds" Thank you to all of you that have helped to make sweet ivy successful!

7 random things about me:)

Tagged by Camille, here it goes...

7 random things about me

1. My junior year in H.S I got a letter in the mail from wells fargo. It went something like this. " We just wanted to inform you that your recent deposit of $1,300,055 was off by $40.00 the deposit was actually for 1,300,015. Oh thanks wells fargo for informing me of my mistake. Ha! So my sis-in law kippy was at my house when I opened it... I read it and then took it over for her to read. As she read it her jaw DROPPED! She said "Amy are you freakin kidding me!!!! We both did not know what to do, but we were dying laughing!!! We then headed out the door to the nearest wells fargo, and tried to withdraw the money through the drive up account just so happened to be frozen! I am sure they had a pretty angry customer, and somehow traced the money to my account. It happened right after 9/11 so I was convinced that it wasn't an accident. Then my friend Melanie and I had too much fun with the letter. We would take it to branch after branch showing a teller the letter and then claiming that when the 40 bucks was taken out...they must have taken the 1.3 million with it. The looks that we got when we showed them the letter was hilarious!! Oh good times!!!

2. About 4 out of the 7 kids in my family are germ FREAKS. Out of the 4 I was voted president of the germ club.
I am not exactly sure when I became this way, but my dad picked up on while we were in England my sophomore year in hs. I am not sure if it was when I refused to touch the subway poles, put napkins over my seat at McDonald's, or when I was somehow ALWAYS the last person in line to go through the door so that I didn't have to open it. So, to this day, I am still a freak.

3. I am obsessed with cookies, cotton candy, and pickles. I cannot get enough of them! My sophomore year in H.S I had braces and the orthodontics place that I went to was right across the street from my H.S. I absolutely loved going to my ortho appointments. Why? Because they always had a fresh platter of cookies when you walked in. After I got my braces off, I would drop by the orth office and tell them that I needed my retainer tightened.....and grab a quick cookie. Then I drop by and say "um can you tell me when my appointment is"....and grab a cookie. I would seriously do this at least once a week. Anything for a cookie right?? Everyone in my family is obsessed with dill pickles. We also love the juice, and fight over it. As soon as the pickles were all gone, we have to evenly distribute the juice into cups. Cotton candy has always done it for me. I only go to the fair, carnivals etc... for the cotton candy! If I am driving and see a random carnival in a parking better believe that I am pulling over. LOVE IT!

4. I am obsessed with Kate Hudson. I wish I was her.

5. I hate listening to people eat crunchy cereal. It just puts me in a bad mood! Ahh!

6. I HATE scrapbooking! I am the type of person where if I cannot make it perfect, than I would rather not do it at all. I would much rather buy a cute album or photo book to put my pictures in.

7. My fav is the mexican snack called "lucas ( a lemon lime salt)."My whole family was obsessed with it. We use to put it on our pickes, ice blowpops, and much more! I was so additced to it, I always had to have a bottle in my backpack at school. Everyone thought I was discusting...but it is seriously divine! It was truly an obsession, until my family and I could no longer find it anywhere....we later found out that they stopped making it because it has LEAD in it! Wonderful!! I blame my craziness on LUCAS!!!

8. I love to prank call! I am pretty sure that I have pulled some of the greatest pranks EVER! ha!

I tag Melanie, Christy, Emily, Shana, and Natalie, Carli, and Christie

Monday, December 3, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

Last year we were in Hawaii for thanksgiving, this year we went to Temecula for Thanksgiving. It was our turn to be with the Clarks, but it just so happens that my family also goes to Temecula for Thanksgiving every year. Since the Clark's don't have alot of extended family that they do thanksgiving with, we decided to join the Clark and Duffin party at the Carr's. The best of both worlds huh? We had a really nice day. One of our traditions on thanksgiving day is our turkey shoot. We have two of the cousins dress up in the turkey costumes, and everyone else shoots them with paintball guns. The Carr's have a ton of property, so it lasts a while. It is a blast! We also took some family pics.