Friday, August 10, 2007

You Better Believe it!

Stephanie (she seriously reminded me Bella so was wierd!)
I wore the "Edward" tattoo and Ivy wore the "Jacob" tattoo

So a couple of months ago, I found out that Stephanie Meyers was going to make an appearence at a Milwaukee bookstore right by my house. Yesterday Ivy and I got to meet her! It was really cool! She did a question and answer session, as well as a signing session.... yes I got all 3 of my books signed!I had alot of questions about the book that she was able to answer.It was so interesting to hear her perspective on the book, characters ect... I found it hilarious that she is just as obsessed with her own book as we are. I was surrounded by many gothics, wanna be vampires...etc... It made me wonder if It was really ok for me to be obsessed with these books! was AWESOME!