Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My little cougar, hear him roarrrrr

A few weeks ago my little cougar graduated. Now he can finally check it off the list and move on. whew!!!! Thank you to all of our family who traveled from afar to support us! We love you:)

Easter 2011

Happens almost every single time I try and take a picture of the kids next to each other. Without fail, beck will attack her. Good thing she is a pretty good sport:)
So then we decide to kick beck out of the picture...

We were lucky enough to have family in town for easter this year! Half of the clark family is up here in ut working for Johnny, and so we were able to have the whole clan here at once. We even managed to put up 10 people in our condo for a week!!! Oh it was crazy alright, but we had fun!:)