Monday, January 26, 2009

sundance 09 about nothing to blog lately! Maybe its because I don't have any photo shoots of missy due to the ridiculous weather here!!! Anyway....we went to the film festival a week ago, and got into Denise Richards VIP party. How you ask?? Well if you know me well enough, you know that I just slithered my way on in. Basically you had to be on her list of "friends," and well...we definitely were not on there! My brother and I got in, but of course Johnny is such a fraidy cat! The guy does not have a sneaky bone in his body, and is a major rule follower--not a bad thing right? Well...sometimes. So finally I went up to the girls at the door who were checking people in, and told them that that poor little guy standing off to the side was my husband, and he really wanted to come party with me. So, they made me show them my wedding ring, and finally let him in. Yahoo!! It was a lot of fun, considering the fact that there was free everything--love that! Everyone there was "somebody" whether they were an actress, actor, producer, media, or a the #1 male porn star ( yes, Ron Jeremy was there) and I have never wanted to throw up more! He is probably the #1 most miserable man too! Did you know that he is a really awesome classical pianist? What the!? What porn star is a classical pianist?? That just made me laugh! Anyway, we totally didn't belong there, every girl was totally decked! I probably should have worn some makeup or something, but for all I knew we were just going for a little stroll in park city.Funniest part was when johnny saw that we were going to ask Denise for a pic with her he darted off in the opposite direction SO embarrassed that we would even ask. You see NOBODY was asking for not one person. But how could we not?? I was so mad bc right after we got our pic my camera died. At least we got proof though... if you go visit my sister's blog, she will try and tell you that she partied with Sting and David Bowie...but don't believe her! She doesn't have anything to prove it.

me, Ashley's friends and Denise...
I love how awkward she was in this pic!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a proud moment

The words homemade bread have intimadated me for years! But I am proud to say that I have finally overcome my fear. It turned out sooooo good! And... ashley and andrew told me that I put Carol Soelberg to shame! hahah...not really but I must say that 3 out of 4 loaves were scarfed up within two hours. would have been proud!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

people are wierd.

So a couple days ago, I decided that I wanted to sell my laptop. I just hate the fact that I can sit on my couch and have my computer on my lap. One of my new years resolution is to spend LESS time on my computer, so I figure If I get a desktop and put a realy uncomfortable chair in front of it, I wont want to be there for very least I am hoping that will be the case. I think it will be good for me. Anyway, I put an ad up on ksl and craigslist to see if I would get any bites. Well an hour after I posted floods of emails started coming in. Seriously I have gotten about 25 emails, and about 5 calls in two days. I just had to share some of the emails that I have been getting from people.

Call I got last night from a foreign byu student:

me: hello?
byu: hi I am calling about your macbook for sell...
me: OK... would you like to come see it?
byu: yes, you meet me on BYU's campus, or could I come to house??
me: I can meet you on campus, what time do you want to meet??
byu: well....actually.... I trust you, ill tell you what, I just buy it!
me: wait, you dont want to see it first??
byu: no i just buy it! (but doesn't tell me when or where)
me: ok??? well why wouldnt you want to see it first??
byu: well, well I come at 12.
me: what? you want to come over at 12?? ( so confused!)
byu: at night!
me: what??? ( so are you sure you dont want to see it first??
byu: Yes! I AM DIZZY!
me: whaaattt??? You are dizzy??? ( me totally laughing!)
byu: Yes, I am dizzy. I call you at 12. Bye!
me: um, ok. bahahahah

What the??!! That was the most confusing/wierd call I have ever recieved. He tells me that he doesnt need to see it, bc he is DIZZY!

That was probably the wierdest...but look at some of the emails that I got!

1. are you willing to trade for anything and if so what??

Um ya... I'll tell you that... I will trade my macbook if you give me your brand new imac ( as I stated in the ad that i am selling to upgrade to the imac)! What a retarded question....

2. Hey...I saw your macbook. It's almost identical to mine. I originally bought my macbook to use when I was out of town. I wind up buying a nice 24" Dell display and plugging my keyboard and monitor in when I am home, which is most of the time. When I leave home, I just unplug the monitor and keyboard and take it along. My next computer will be another macbook.

Um why is the lady telling me her macbook's life story. The funny thing is she has no intentions of buying my macbook. what the!?

Some people.....

Anyway, I actually have a couple people that are coming to look at it today and both say that they will prob buy it. Ahhhh I hope I dont regret this. What is the best way to clear out your whole computer!? Is there some program that will copy your whole hard drive?? I have got this thing jammed pack! I have better get to work!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

it finally happened!

On December 27th, My sister-n-law Jenae and my cousin Michael finally tied the knot! So now I guess Mike would be my cousin-in-law??? They have been engaged for about 1.5 years and were suppose to get married a long time ago, but mike went through a battle with cancer. These two have gone through a lot together, but no joke they are the-most-in-love-couple-I have-ever-seen!!! Anyway, It was fun to be apart of their day. It brought back a lot of memories from our wedding. They were married in the same sealing room as we were, and seriously, the natural light that floods into this beautiful sealing room is the most amazing thing ever! Oh I love the San Diego temple! It was funny too bc it was almost the exact same crowd that attended our wedding. special. Anyway, It was an amazing day. Here are some pics that I took of them a couple days prior...

Christmas 2008

This year we were in california with the Clarks. They really know how to go all out for christmas! We had such a good time with them!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Before we headed over to cali for christmas we stopped in az for a couple days. Activities included oreganos-shopping- more shopping- parties-attempted family pics-amazing dinner by susan and my present to mom and dad which included THE- BEST- SURPRISE- OF- 2009! Seriously. If you have nothing to do, feel free to watch the whole thing.... For just the surprise, scroll to 11:54 in the play head. Make sure you watch until the music ends!

Did you get it!!? #4 grand baby...coming this summer =  Kippy's got a bun in the oven! Words cannot describe how EXCITED we are! We have been waiting for this for a VERY LONG TIME. Some of you prob don't know her, but trust me... If you did, you would be peeing your pants too!!! She is having a boy and is due June 27th. We cannot wait!

pics from the weekend! 
p.s do my pics look over sharpened?