Wednesday, November 19, 2008

our new favorite place!

Today Ivy and I found this little apple orchard near our house. When I saw it, I knew that we had to come back with the camera! When Ivy and I pulled up, there were about 20 deers running around. It was so cool. Ivy loved them! So here are some shots that I took of her today. I am in love with all of her expressions... she hardly ever gives me a smile or let alone a laugh with her head thrown back!(thanks ash!.) Man! I just cant get enough of this little girl!

Friday, November 14, 2008

lil johnny

Look what we've created! Our lil johnny jr. We have been laughing so hard as we create our new lil baby using this. Seriously... if you have got some extra time on your hands, it is hilarious! Does he look like he belongs in our family??? I'm not so sure, but he is a cutie! My fist thought was that his thin hair could not have come from either of us!

obsessed with birthdays

Lat night we had a little party for johnny's brother Jeremy. As we were making the cake, she would not stop talking about going to uncles birthday party, and how excited she was to eat the cake. When it was done, I put it out on the counter and Ivy insisted on sitting right next to it. She kept telling everyone that would come near her to "go away", so that she could swipe her little fingers in the frosting. She was being so funny guarding the cake, so I decided to record her. Now please ignore my obnoxious little yell, I was attempting to scare her, so that she wouldn't eat the cake! She is too funny!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

life as it happens

I don't take enough video's, and It makes me sick. I have taken over 7000 pics of ivy over the past year, and probably 3 video's. Its just not as convenient as my camera, and I cant upload it on my computer and make it look cool. Anyway, I have finally upgraded to quick time pro, so that I can use isight to take videos. I can also record audio so that I can act like I am playing on my comp but really recording how ridiculous my husband sounds during a college football game. The only problem with the audio files are... I cannot put them on my blog. I have found a couple of sites that will host them, but I cannot figure any of them out. Oh please someone help me, I have got some good audio of my husband that you wont want to miss! jk but really, does anyone know how???

Husband on a football saturday wakes up as chipper as can be, goes and plays football all morning with his friends, and then watches college football all day long. I love to watch football, but sometimes cannot handle the intensity of my all american husband. On days like these, I usually peace out to the mall, and leave ivy with her hard core dad. poor ivy.Ivy kept asking johnny why he was talking to the tv.HAHA. He is a crazy one, but i love crazy!
I cannot handle her cuteness!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


i told her to be scary...this is what i got:)

Ivy was cinderella or as she calls it "ceerella" for halloween this year. Dressing up was just another day to her as she puts on something princess 3 times a day. She wore her costume all day, along with her pink princess pumpkin loaded up with all of her little princess figures. I took her with me to the store before we went trick or treating....big mistake! She hadnt had a nap yet, and was in the worst mood. Everyone kept coming up to her at the store saying some sort of princess or cinderella comment to her, and she would just glare at them, or say something really rude. It was pretty funny! She also insisted on wearing her glass slippers that rub wrong and give her blisters. She was taking the tiniest little baby steps through the isles, when I was in a big hurry, and kept saying "STOP RUNNING", when I was walking so slow. Anyway, as we were walking along the main isle she dropped her princess pumpkin, and her toys went everywhere! She was SO angry, that in the middle of the store she takes off her princess crown and chucks it, and takes off her glas slippers and throws them across the store, and lays on the floor screaming her brains out! It was pretty bad! This was definetely one of the biggest meltdowns she has EVER had, and of course it had to be at the store. again. It got so bad, that I about wet my pants laughing! It was so bad but So funny! If you could have just seen her as she took off her crown and slippers and chucked them out of anger! She had just HAD it! So she finally was able to get a little nap in before we took her out on the streets. When we took her to the first 10 houses, she would hold her little pumpkin out for candy, but would not say one word..... not even thank you! Then, as we were walking to the next house she said " I not scared anymore, I not scared anymore," she wasn't kiddding bc when we got to the door she said "trick-or-treat" and said thank you! It was so cute. By the end of the night, she had her routine down.... trick-or-treat, and then she would say "thank you halloween" i think she was was combinding thank you and happy halloween. She had a great time!


Last week I got to take the little thueson family pics. Tara is 8 months pregnant and a ball full of energy. She does 80 million things a day. Not joking. She makes my head spin. Anyway, we had fun taking their pics, and Emery is just a doll... I cannot wait for her and Ivy to become friends!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

happy fall

A couple days ago, Ivy and I set out for a little fall photo shoot becausethis week is like the last warm week of the year. Well, it was a bust for sure! Ivy fell asleep in the car on the way and screwed up her hair, putting a few kinks in it. Then we got there little too late, and didnt have enough light to work with. I still love these pics of her even though the quality of them aren't the greatest. Oh well!