Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ellie Bellie

This is Tara and Kevin's newest addition Ellie! I took these when we were in az for a couple days. She is the best little baby and oh so sweet. Ivy is completely obsessed with her, and is always up in her grill! We love her!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What are YOU giving

for Christmas presents??? Since I haven't been feeling the greatest, I have hardly any shopping done. It is sneaking up on me way to fast! I need some Ideas, and I need them FAST! I really need help on a gift for my mom and dad?? What are YOU getting for your parents?? I would love to do something crafty/ personable, but I haven't got a creative bone in my body! Seriously any ideas would be awesome ( and it totally does not have to be crafty.) Thanks!

p.s since you are willing to give me your ideas, I thought I would show you what my sister-in-law and I did for my parents last year ( not my idea.) They seriousy loved it, and my mom says that she gets comments on it all the time! Let me know if you want directions... It looks a lot cuter in person!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

one fun vacation!

I got sick of laying in my bed!

thanks mel for the pics:)

its been too long... I know! We flew over to california to have thanksgiving with Johnny's fam, and then headed out on an 8 day cruise with platinum, the day after. The Clark's watched Ivy for us, and she had the time of her life. I usually don't worry leaving her bc she adjusts really well. We kept telling her that we were going to go on a boat and she was going to Disneyland. When we were saying our goodbyes to her she said " you go boat, I go dismeyland." It was so funny! She was totally trying to shoe us out the door, bc she knew where she was headed as soon as we left.

I am not a cruise lover but we had an awesome time just being together, and hanging out with our friends. The first day we got there was great, but it was all downhill from there. The second day I got really sick. My right lymphoid had inflamed like crazy and my right tonsil was ridiculously huge! I figured I was just getting strep or a really bad case of tonsillitis. So next day I went to see the doc on board and he told me that I just had tonsillitis and gave me some fast acting antibiotics. Well two days went by and I was feeling worse and worse. I went back to the doc, and he was very concerned at the size of my neck and tonsils, so he decided to put me on an Iv with a different antibiotic, along with a couple shots. Anyway, to make a long story short, after 3 iv's and 3 shots, nothing worked. I was able to get off the boat for a couple of hours, but that was about it. Seriously, 8 days on a boat without getting off will drive a person crazy! I think that it will be a long time before I step on a cruise boat again... we were just grateful that our cruise was free! few!

I went to the doc when we returned, and they ran some blood tests and turns out I did not have "tonsillitis" but rather mono! So that explains why none of the antibiotics didn't do anything. Its a good thing the ship doc made me walk around with a flippin needle in my arm for nothing! Ug! So now I guess I just get to be really lazy! I hate this feeling... but everyone needs to experience mono once in their life right??

Hey cruise buddies... does anyone else have any other pics that pertain to me or us??