Friday, June 26, 2009


Here are some recent pics that I needed to get blogged away. some are from our anniversary..we went to ruths chris at 10:00pm, and that was about it:)What are you suppose to do with a job like this. haha! the other pics are from a girls day out in georgetown in DC. Gosh that place in awesome. We had such a good time eating and shopping. Cant wait to go back...especially to do a photoshoot of ivy. So many cool buildings and textures!

Monday, June 22, 2009

last month...

we took a little trip. We went to az for miss kippy's shower, stopped off in cali to see johnny's fam, and finally made our way back to baltimore. We had such a fun time in both places. We had kippy's shower at my mom's and it was the cutest shower of 2009, we are so glad that we didn't have to miss out on this event!We did have a little bump in the road while we were there though. Ivy had a cough for 6 weeks, and the doc in balt told me it was bronchitis and put her on antibiotics. It did absolutely nothing for her, so I decided to take her to our pediatrician in az. When we met with him he decided that it would be best for her to go get chest xrays as well as blood tests, to see what the deal was. After a whole day of appointments, the doctor called me with the results. He said that she had a really bad case of pneumonia, and that we needed to take her to the pulminary specialist right away. We then met with the specialist and he said that she would need surgery. So, next day she went in, they put her out and went down with a camera to see if they could find any sort of object that was blocking her airway. It was so hard to see them take her away:( They werent able to find anything but they were able to suck out a ton of junk that was obstructing her ability to breathe normally. After the sugery, and being put on a heavier antibiotic, she made a quick recovery. In cali we did alot of playing. Jamie and Ivy are bff's and I cannot even imagine what it would be like if ivy didn't have her. It is SO nice that johnny has a little sis close to ivy since she doesn't have any other cousins on his side. We had a great time at disneyland...we had to go one more time before ivy turns 3 next month and we have to pay for her. such a bummer! Maybe its time for us to get season passes, or maybe just move there. That sounds nice:)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

and the results are in!

we are having a....

BOY! just as we thought :)

Monday, June 15, 2009


We find out what we are having!! I cannot wait. Today I am having major boy vibes. I then asked ivy what she thinks (bc she would be the person to ask) and she told me a boy 3 separate times, and when I asked her the last time she said "mom, the baby is a boy and don't ask me again!" haha she kills me! So what do YOU think!?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

my newest most cutest niece EVER!!!

Look who's here!!!! Is she the cutest thing you have EVER seen! Who knew she would come out with all of that hair! I love her already and I cannot wait to meet her in person!!!

good fortunes

So this week has been very good:)

1. As I went to pack up my little black box full of my life, I decided to try it one last time before I spent a but load in trying to recover my pics. I plug it in and MIRACLE! It works. Happy Day. And holy cow I had a lot more pics on there than I had thought. In fact most of my photo shoots of YOU and your family were on there. FEW!! I promise it will never happen again. I have learned my lesson.

2. Johnny and I have been married for 4 years now:) I can honestly say that it keeps getting better and better. I am so grateful to be married to him. The only thing that is missing is my pretty little wedding band that I lost 3 weeks ago. I am so sad. I loved my ring so much. If you happen to see this little beauty in a pawn shop or antique shop in az, please do let me know. I am pretty sure it was stolen:(

3. LITTLE MISS KIPPY IS IN LABOR!!!!! The plane tickets are booked, and we will be on our way to see her and the little babe in 1 week. I don't think that it could come any sooner. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

ya RIGHT!!!!!

I wish you were reading the happy fun post I am suppose to be publishing right now, but instead you will get something different. As Ivy is taking her daily nap, I am trying to enjoy a little alone time and decide to organize and add the pics on my external hd, I go and plug it in and CLICK CLICK!!! It is not booting correctly and is my computer is not recognizing. Seriously I am letting my frustrations out on my computer so that I don't commit suicide. Okay I really shouldn't talk like that, but this is the 2nd time this has happened in 6 months! I want to curl up in a ball and KICK!!!!!! HARD!!! What is the deal with these things! I feel like I cannot trust anything anymore. To make the matter worse, johnny got me a new comp and I haven't gotten around to backing my lovely pictures up in another place besides my little faulty ex hard rive!! Kill me now. What to do? I feel like my life is trapped up in this little black box. Someone help! I really do not want to pay a couple grand to get my files recovered, I just want things to work the way they should. I have guarded this thing with my freaking life. Nothing has happened to it at. all. If anyone has any advice on what to do or things to try I would love it. Here is my face right now: my "ammon face" (as johhny would call it) Apparently we look like twinners when I make this face. pretty cute eh? And my " I am going to kill someone" face:)

And here is an attempt at making myself happy again. oh photo booth how I love you:)