Monday, August 23, 2010

Ivy's sunshine & lemonade party

On July 14th may baby girl turned 4! Man time is sure flyin by and it is kind of making me sick! She is growing up WAY too fast! Like Johnny, Ivy has had to celebrate her birthday away from friends and family for the last couple of years... so we thought we would throw her a fancy little party. We did a pool party, bc well, Its summer time... and that is what kids like to do:) Plus the Clark's pool can keep kids entertained for quite some time.We had lot's of yummy pink and yellow food, and of course we had lots of lemonade. Our cupcakes were pink lemonade flavor...which were amazing btw..(minus the melted frosting.) it just so happened that it was the hottest day of the summer. not kidding. All in all, It was a perfect day, spent with some of Ivy's best-est of friends.

my little elves! Thanks mom's for all of your help:):)

party favors

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

johnny's birthday!

So this year for Johnny's birthday, I wanted to make it really fun since his past 3 birthdays we have been far away from family and friends. Soooo his mom and I decided to throw him a surprise party of course! It was awesome! He had all of his best friends and a lot of family come! It was a great party with great company and great food!! Thanks to all of our friends and family who came and made it a success! The next day (his actual birthday) johnny's family made an amazing breakfast! The weather was soooo nice outside. Nothing better than breakfast outside. serious. Then we went to my cousin's farewell, followed by a lovely luncheon at the carr's. It was a great day!

good morning sunshine!! sorry you cant see yet, but we were taking a picture:)
Ivy's present to johnny.. a picture of him she drew with water:)
the fam
the mexican fiesta!

some of my favorite ladies!
the advice circle for mason who just left on his mission to mexico!

count on lots of visitors when you live in california...

since living here we have had a lot of visitors stay at hotel clark. My mom and dad are somehow here every other week. With dad's plane it makes it easy for them to zip back and forth! We have seen every member of my family as well as johnny's family of course:)I think that we have done everything that San Diego has to offer! I have kind of felt like a tour guide, but have loved every minute of it! We have loved all of the time that we have spent with them this summer!

Monday, August 16, 2010

summer of swimming

This has def been a summer full of swimming. With the Clark's fun pool, it never gets old! Ivy has turned into quite the little fish! She actually learned how to swim on her birthday! I can finally relax a bit:) Beck also loves the water. He could stay in for hours splashin away.

Ivy swimming by herself!!! from Amy Clark on Vimeo.

father's day

When we aren't spending time with our families on sunday, you can find us at the torrey pines gliderport. We love to watch the people jump off of cliffs and paraglide. SO cool! These pics are of us at the gliderport on father's day.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the many faces of grandpa beck!

This little guy is always making a crazy face. He is pretty good at sucking in his lips which is why he has acquired the nickname grandpa beck! The face on the right is what we call "mean beck." He is such a funny little kid! We get the biggest kick out of him:)

Trip to AZ

It has been nice to live so close to home so we can zip back and forth. The kids and I took our first road trip together. I was really nervous, but it actually went pretty well..i'd do it again:) Reason for visit: Honeybear's 1st birthday party, and Carli's baby shower. So glad I could attend both of these events.

Lyndi & Beck's newborn pics hung in labor & delivery!

A while back, Kippy (who is a labor & delivery nurse) told me that they were re-modeling the unit at Banner Desert and were taking newborn pic submissions. So, a few weeks ago kippy walked into work, and guess who was hanging!!? lyndi and Beck! SO exciting right? They happened to hang lyndi and beck side by side without even knowing who's babies they were. So I had to take a special trip down there to see for myself. I took Lyndi's and Holly Brimhall took Beck's. Oh and sometime we will need to take some good pics of the pics:)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

kippy came to visit!

since I have moved away from az which was roughly 3 years ago, kippy has never come to visit me! Can you beleive that!? So I move to California, and all of the sudden she wants to come over. Dont worry kip, I wont take offense:):) Anyway, as crazy as it was toting 3 little kids around everyday, we had a blast!!

A few highlights included:

-Perfect weather. Yes, perfect.
-The San Diego Zoo.
-Witnessing the bulimic apes regurgitate their food so they could eat it again.
-Beck eating the map, and finding evidence the next day!
-Hauling around three kids and 3 car seats, everywhere! Holy Moly.
-Double stroller drama.
-S'mores goldfish. Mmmm. And Ivy requesting "skin" flavored.
-The beach...sandy babies, LOVE it.
-our gormet meals
-Cousin bath time every night.
-Shopping of course.
-San Juan Capistrano! Said that name a million times. And kip reffering to it as SJC.
-El Torito GRILL. Ate about 40 tortillas. And bought some to-go.
Here's the evidence.....

beck got to be the guinea pig for lyndi's birthday shoot
Lyndi's 1st birthday shoot!! never laughed so hard..this girl would NOT smile for the life of her. you should have heard the obnoxious mom in the back-round. Hilarious!

San Jaun Capistrano

we took all of these kids into a restaurant. might have been the most chaotic lunch ever.ha!
These two little girls became instant best cute!